Call center system from vROOT

An integrated call center system to control your calls, connect your branches, and Keep your customers.

About Call center system

How does the customer benefit:

  • Recorded message:

          Hearing a recorded voice message that facilitates his access to services.

  • Ease of handling:

          Easy to contact to follow up the request or complaints at any time.

  • Easy to communicate:

          Easy to communicate with customer service for branches abroad in the case of                linking branches.

How does the marketing department benefit:

  • Advertising campaigns:

       Publishing an advertising campaign through the Tele-sales department.

  • Promotional offers:

       Promotional offers for customers with messages recorded on the IVR


  • Database:

       A database classified according to customer needs

How do receptionists benefit:

  • Register:

      By login to the system through unified login data.

  • Present information:

      Presenting information about customer such as :

       ( the nearest branch, information about the methods of dealing, the latest                          complaints) in connection with CRM

  • Call selection:

      Choosing to receive only waiting list calls available to him according to his                        permissions.

How does the call center manager benefit:

  • Waiting list:
        Control of waiting lists and permissions for employees.

  • Track employee:
        Hearing calls and intervention when necessary.

  • Call log:
        Return to recorded calls for follow-up and evaluation.

How it helps you to supervise and monitor:

  • Call recording:
        Record all incoming, outgoing, internal and external calls.
  • Live follow-up:
        live follow-up screens at the same moment for communications.
  • Supervision of calls:
        The ability to enter the call at the same moment by the call center manager and           listen to the call.

How do the quality engineers benefit:

  • Service performance:
        Set a vision about performance and service levels.

  • Reports:
        Daily reports of calls to measure system efficiency.

  • Quality standards:
        Daily reports of calls to measure system efficiency.

The system's effect on customer service

The call center system from vROOT plays a major role in improving customer service and reaching advanced levels in achieving customer satisfaction.

Advantages of the call center system from vROOT ?

Interactive autoresponder for your customers:

With the call center system you can control the automatic response of all your calls and manage them through voice messages and direct calls inside and outside the company.

Regular waiting list:

The call center system from vROOT maintains a fair distribution of incoming calls to your staff with the ability of the system to put a priority for VIP customers to maintain the best customers and determine priority, which helps to raise the efficiency of the system to achieve the maximum return.

Call monitoring:

It records all incoming and outgoing calls with the ability to retrieve calls for review, evaluation and solving problems related to any call after the end and completely reduces all errors that may occur due to forgetting or error during call.

Access to customer history:

Through the call center from vROOT, you can display the calls of your customers according to a specific number or a specific time, which helps to facilitate access to and analysis of information about your customers.

Full details of all calls:

Through the call center system from vROOT, you can view the details of the calls, the number of transfers of the call, the timing of each transfer, and the time spent on each transfer.

Take advantage of waiting times for your customers:

Through the call center system, you can specify promotional messages or identification to your customers during the waiting periods, which increases the efficiency of the sales process.

Group Calls:

The system provides a tool through which all departments and sections can communicate with each other, as well as the ability to make a conference call with your client and internal departments, which saves time and effort in holding meetings and discussing problems.

Unification of reception and transmission from one number:

The call center system provides receiving and sending calls on one number, which improves the mental image of the brand and makes it easy for your customers to save your number in order to achieve good communication

Live follow-up of your call:

You can follow up on calls and listen easily during calls to ensure the quality of calls, good performance and dealing with customers.

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