10 benefits of the IP BPX for small and medium companies

IP BPX is a system that makes communication between company members more flexible and efficient as it transfers phone calls, messages and audio recordings between all employees of the same facility and all its branches or between the facility and the outside world.

Features of the internal exchange IP PBX

voice mail:

Users can record audio messages and leave them for colleagues and clients to listen to later.

call waiting:

Allows the recipient to answer another call while receiving a first call, and return to it with ease.

conference Calls:

This feature allows employees to communicate with each other in one call, which saves time and increases productivity in the company.

Control app:

Enable your employees to easily control IP PBX devices by connecting them to an advanced application, which helps to quickly and flexibly access user data.

Video call:

The internal PBX devices enable you to enjoy the video calling feature.


IP PBX devices are characterized by quality, security and protection within their own systems.

Call recording:

It enables you to keep your employees’ calls with the possibility of retrieving them at any time.

Speed dial:

You can access your special numbers in the fastest time and with the click of a button through the speed dial menu.

Call transfer:

You can transfer calls more easily and without any costs by forwarding your calls to the appropriate user faster, which achieves flexible communication within the company.


A feature that allows the caller abroad to interact with the communication systems and choose the appropriate IVR lists, as it allows the callers to enter the section they wish to inquire about without the need to wait in the main line.