4 features of the call center system

1- Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Having the voice messaging feature allows your customers to send their calls to a customer service representative as soon as they finish their current calls. Voice messages and queues help your customers with basic information like choosing the type of service they want to save time and allow your team to serve them better.

This feature can also help you manage your team’s call volume and avoid clients being disconnected after waiting for a long time.


2- Detailed reports.

The Call center system in your organization requires you or the customer service officer to follow up and monitor the work details on a regular basis. Therefore, extracting reports is the most important thing that must be provided in the call center system, through which you can analyze performance accurately and clearly, because it pulls detailed reports on the company’s performance and the level of quality of service provided through the customer service representative, and the data for each call shows the average call duration of the customer service representative, missed calls, and all incoming and outgoing calls per day and hour; In order to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses and address them reports can also identify common issues that customers call to address, highlight gaps in support coverage and highlight potential training opportunities.

3- Call forwarding

An important feature of the Call Center system is that it allows you to manage the escalation process for urgent customer issues that customer service representatives cannot handle. Solving customer problems in any way by offering discounts or refunding part of the amount paid. These steps are done through the Call Center system. When answering or making personal calls to resolve customer issues.


4- Integration with CRM.

Customers find it frustrating to repeat their questions to different customer service representatives, providing summaries of their previous calls and conversations at the beginning of each call, but when customer service reps have more information about the calling customer, they can provide more effective support. Customer service representatives can review past actions with the customer at the start of the call, saving customers from having to repeat themselves. They can also identify common issues with product usage, whether its usability queries or technical issues, take steps to ensure customers never have to communicate about the same issue again, help you track your customers’ needs and track their journey through caring for your brand, and transition to a repeat customer for your company.
Many call center systems provide this feature through the integration between the computer and the phone (CTI), which identifies the customer by his phone number, and displays previous interactions and actions, and quickly shows them as soon as he calls.