5 types of customers and ways to deal with them

1- A potential client

This is the type of customer who gets to know your products for the first time. He may have landed on your site through search engine results, through a paid advertisement, through a recommendation from a friend, or through a social media post.

2- A new client

This new customer is considered as a “potential customer”, after making a good first impression of your products and making a purchase, you should not leave them without any help, for example, they may get stuck in shipping the product at some point or fail to use the product after receiving it, therefore, take care of him after he makes the purchase, in order to confirm to him the first positive impression he made about your products, and to be assured that his decision to buy was a correct one, so he will buy again.

3- A regular customer

This type of customer is the “ideal customer”, so to speak, as he has a rich purchase history with products, frequent login to the site, and clearly knows his way.

4- Loyal customer

This type of customer loves your products. For him, your products have become a predetermined choice among competitors. Therefore, he has joined the word-of-mouth marketing team of your company, and is recommending your products to his friends and family.

5- A defensive customer

An advocate is a customer who is very happy with your products, talks about them often with other potential customers, and defends them with enthusiasm, this Defensive Customer represents more value to your sales than the invoices they pay for the products.

It helps in increasing awareness of your brand on various levels (social networking sites – word of mouth marketing – commission marketing), which means more potential customers and more sales.