6 skills that must be available in customer service

Many of the job skills in customer service positions are the same as in years past. The difference now is that customers expect immediate responses through whatever communication channel they choose, and call center managers need employees who can meet those expectations.


These are some of the job skills that a customer service representative needs to be successful:

Excellent communication skills in all areas of communication

Call center representative now communicate with customers through a variety of communication channels, including phone calls, chat, and video. Each of these channels requires different types of communication skills when it comes to developing listening and speaking skills.

Excellence in problem-solving skills

Customers often call the call center about complex issues that are difficult to explain. Call center agent must listen to customers, identify core issues, and identify solutions to serve the customer and the organization.


Organizations are constantly changing and introducing new products, services, and features to attract new customers and retain existing customers. In most cases, the agent is notified of the change in a timely manner, but often the customer is made aware of the change before the customer service agent.

Use “positive language” and persuasion

Your ability to make small changes to your conversational patterns goes a long way in satisfying and keeping customers happy. Language is a very important part of persuasion, and people (especially clients) often have certain perceptions of you and your company based on the language you use.

Product knowledge

The best employees facing customer in your company are those who have a solid understanding of how your product works. This doesn’t mean that everyone on the team should be able to build your product from the beginning, but it would be better if they understand the nitty-gritty of how the product works, just like the customers who use it every day.

Time management skills

If you don’t know the solution to their problem, your best bet is to direct the customer to another employee who does