vROOT Company

vROOT is an Egyptian company established in 2017. Since its establishment, the company has been working to provide a lot of smart and flexible solutions that serve different and wide sectors in the field of programming and information technology infrastructure.The vROOT team is characterized by experience and creativity.

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What distinguishes vROOT?

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Flexible and intelligent solutions that can be customized to meet the different needs of our customers

We provide integrated solutions that help your project and contribute to the development of your system significantly.

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Extensive and advanced experience in the field of IT and networking

We are working properly and correctly to develop the technological infrastructure for the organizations that work with us.

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Comprehensiveness of systems that include all parts of the organization

With our multiple experiences, we provide innovative comprehensiveness in information technology systems and programming systems so that serve each other.

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High-quality technical support provided to you within 24 hours

We provide you with seamless technical support quickly, whatever you want, whenever you want.


Our vision :

To be the leading provider of business solutions by fully covering the requirements of different customers in their different sectors and working on that through our flexible and integrated methodology.

Our mission:

vROOT seeks to build long-term relationships through the following:

Our message

That the company achieve distinction in creating and developing new solutions that meet the requirements of different markets.