Branch linking system from vROOT

Link your branches and control all the operations that take place

in one comprehensive system.

Branch linking system from vROOT

Link your branches and control all the operations that take place

in one comprehensive system.

The system from vROOT is designed to help companies manage and organize all their multiple branches, link them to each other remotely in an integrated manner, and deal with all their administrative processes in the branches, such as communication between employees and branches and sharing data between them easily and accurately.


using internal central between the branches

we offer you linking your internal calls communication between employees quite easily, linking your branches and directing your lines internally. Internal central from vROOT make you able to communicate all departments and sections with each other, as well as  the ability to make conference calls with your branches and internal departments, which saves time and effort in holding meetings and discussing the problems.

Advantages :

  • Linking your branches calls
  • Easy access to all departments
  • Conference calls

Manage devices for all your branches

vROOT enables you to manage all the company’s devices inside the branches, that you can link all employees’ devices to each other in all branches, Share files and printers between them and any device within the network and the possibility of distributing speeds to employees, follow-up attendance and departure devices and others from anywhere.

Advantages :

  • Connect all employee devices together in all branches.

  • Share files and printers between them and any device within the network.

  • Distributing of speeds and powers to employees.

  • Connect attendance and departure devices and others from anywhere.

Warehouse management for all branches

vROOT enables you to manage all your stores at the branch level with full insurance on all information and operations, follow up the cycle of products and their number in each branch from the beginning of its classification and acquisition to the completion of the sale process through the branch with the issuance of permissions, whether in addition, exchange or transfer between your different stores, Issuing purchase invoices to your suppliers, with detailed reports to follow up the stock volume, which makes you fully aware of all the details of inventory in each branch, which helps you manage products, purchases and inventory.

Advantages :

  • Product management of all branches.

  • Inventory of stores at the branch level.

  • Purchasing and supplier management for each branch.

Managing employees at the branch level

vROOT enables you to organize all matters related to human resources for all your branches in one Combined and comprehensive system for all operations related to the organization and management of employees, from creating employment contracts, managing salaries for each employee, managing work shift systems, attendance and departure, leave polices and permissions, with an organizational structure for employees according to your needs, create profiles that contain full details of each employee.

Advantages :

  • Detailed reports about the staff movement in all your branches.

  • Organizing work integrally, such as attendance, leaving and vacations on one system.

  • Managing salaries, contracts and insurances in all branches.

Branch accounts management

By linking branches from vROOT, you will be able to easily follow your accounts in each branch with a fully secured system that collects all the calculations that take place in branches, including journal entries, expenses, revenues, and all cash flows that go out and enter the branch with Comprehensive and detailed reports on all transactions that are made at the branch level.

Advantages :

  • One comprehensive accounting system for all your branches.

  • Detailed financial reports for each branch.

  • Manage and organize expenses.

  • Comprehensive organization of all your bills.

  • Fully secured system.

Manage points of sale for all your branches

vROOT provides you with all programs and devices that enables you to manage sales operations in each branch and Your customers’ transactions, calculate and know your daily, weekly and monthly sales and profits at any time, Issuance of invoices for transactions and items of purchases with the issuance of total and detailed reports on sales and monitoring of sales movement at the branch level to create a detailed overall image for you of the sales that take place and the movement of the comprehensive stores for all your branches.

Advantages :

  • Knowing and calculating your daily, monthly and yearly profits in the branches.

  • Knowing the deficit and the increase through the filtration of the cashier sales in each branch.

  • Comprehensive and integrated follow-up of the movement of stores and the movement of products in the store.

Customer Relationship Management for all your branches

vROOT provides you with many features and technical options that help you manage and organize all the processes associated with your customers from data collection and analysis of their interaction in the branches to improve marketing, sales, technical support and customer service systems with many tools that help you understand your customers and their needs.

Advantages :

  • Follow up on potential customers and know the impact of your advertising campaigns.

  • Collect data about your customers.

  • Analyze and understand your customers.

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