How can you benefit from the call center system in the company?

1- Marketing through Call Center

It is a call center that makes calls with customers who have registered their interest in similar products or made successful purchases with the company. After these successful transactions, the employee asks the customer to be able to communicate with him in case of new offers or products of the company.

2- Call Center for Sales

It is responsible for receiving calls for inquiries about new products and offers. This center also contacts with potential customers who have registered their interest in the company’s products or services.

3- Technical support through Call Center

Another call center, as it relates to technical problems with the product or service, which require the intervention of a specialist to solve them.

4- A call center to receive customer complaints

It is a call-receiving center, where customers communicate with the center in order to register a complaint related to the service provided or the product. the complaint may be related to after-sales services or others.