ERP warehouse management software features

Learn about the features of the warehouse management software with the ERP system: –

– Request for quotations with ERP system

When the minimum stock level is reached, the ERP warehouse management system sends billing requests from suppliers, determines the best quotation, and sends an order to the supplier including the required quantity.

– Organizing and arranging inventory

The warehouse management system with ERP system will organize and arrange the inventory in the warehouse according to locations, rows and shelves. With a barcode for each product to facilitate product location and navigation and to provide regular labeling and withdrawals in stock.

– Customer requests

The ERP warehouse management system automatically schedules customer orders and delivery times according to the information on the system. You can also order goods from the supplier to the customer in one step without the need to store them first, in addition to anticipating future potential customer orders according to the monthly inventory movement.

– Evaluate inventory costs

The ERP inventory management system automatically takes inventory according to the specified time period. You can also select a single item or a group of items. And the use of more than one method for inventory inventory, such as continuous inventory, periodic inventory, and inventory control, whether inventory quantity, inventory quality, or inventory cost control.

Detailed inventory reports

ERP warehouse management software allows you to get detailed inventory reports. You can also get reports about damaged items such as their price, size, size, causes of damage, reports of inventory movement and balances at the beginning and end of the period, and reports on the rate of inventory disposal, returns and wear.