an Integrated management system from vROOT to manage all your business (ERP)

ERP system from vROOT is a professionally designed system and an experienced and broad team to manage all your business with complete ease and detailed organization. Through the system, you can implement and organize most of your work in a way that ensures raising the efficiency of the system and work in your organization, with the system, you can issue invoices, organize sales, manage stores, follow up on employees, and all project activities. The system can be customized to suit your business needs.


an integrated management system from vROOT to manage all your business (ERP)

Sales management to achieve the highest productivity

Through ERP system from vROOT You can issue your tax invoices and price offers submitted to your customers, managing targeted sales among the team, organize commissions between them, and Tracking pending sales, which ensures higher productivity and perfect profits.

Sales management to achieve the highest productivity :

  • Price offers

  • Sales analyzing

  • Organize commissions

  • Bills

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An integrated accounting system:

The system enables you to easily follow your accounts, daily restrictions, expenses, income, and all cash transactions that go out and enter your company with comprehensive and detailed reports on each process to suit your needs to understand all financial matters in your organization.

ERP system from vROOT includes :

  • An integrated accounting system

  • Detailed financial reports

  • sales invoices

  • Expense management

Human resources management to raise the efficiency and organization of work

You can organize all matters related to human resource management from creating employment contracts and managing salaries for each employee, Managing work shift system, attendance and departure, leave and permissions policies, setting an organizational structure for employees according to your needs, and creating profiles that contain full details for each employee, with job analysis for all employees according to roles, sections and job requirements.

ERP system from vROOT includes :

  • Staff Reports

  • Design contracts and services

  • Attendance, leave and vacations

  • Making lists of deduction and rewards

  • Vacations balance and absence movement

  • Salaries, contracts, and insurances

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Detailed inventory management

The system enables you to fully control the inventory and follow the cycle of products from the beginning of their classification and acquisition to the completion of the sale process with the issuance of permissions, whether to add, exchange or transfer between your different stores, issuing purchase invoices to your resources, with detailed reports to follow up the volume of your inventory, which makes you fully aware of all the details within the inventory and helps you take actions and decisions based on accurate information.

The system from vROOT includes :

  • Stocktaking

  • Products Management

  • purchase management

  • Vendors management

Manage your company professionally with

ERP system from vROOT

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