Network types

What is the network?

A network is a group of computers, servers, networking devices, network equipment, and other devices connected to each other in a way that allows the exchange of data. The most important example of a network is the Internet, which connects millions of people around the world.


Network types

Networks are usually categorized according to their extent or size, the most common types are:

A wireless local area network (WLAN):

A wireless local area network (WLAN) uses radio waves or infrared light instead of traditional network cables to provide wireless network communications over short distances.

The most common types of wireless networks are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The term wireless networking is often confused with Wi-Fi. This, of course, is the wrong combination, because wireless networks are much broader than Wi-Fi.


Local network (LAN)

A LAN connects a group of devices that are relatively close to each other, such as a school or home. Sometimes one building may contain several small LANs, and the LAN may be extended to connect a group of neighboring buildings. It can be owned by a person or an organization. Often it is based on the Ethernet and Token Ring protocols.

Wide area network (WAN)

As its name suggests, the World Wide Web spans great distances, and the Internet is the largest World Wide Web on Earth.


What is the fastest type of network?

The fastest type of network is a wide area network called (WAN), short for (Wide Area Network) because the network covers a wide geographical area, because it includes multiple countries, and its example is the Internet, which is the largest network.

What are the types of the Internet?

There are many types of the Internet that can be divided into:

1-Mobile phone

2- Point of contact


4- Broadband

5- DSL

6- Satellite