best Point of Sale System from vROOT

POS system from vROOT contains all the software and hardware that enables you to manage sales and transactions of your customers, calculate and know your daily, weekly and monthly sales and profits at any time, issuing invoices for transactions and items of purchases with aggregated and detailed reports on sales and monitoring the sales movement, to help you visualize a detailed overall picture of the sales that take place and the movement of stores.


How does POS system from vROOT work

1- Make an order

a customer orders a product or a number of products.

2- Receive the order

The recipient of the request enters the request, either manually or through a barcode or any registration system.

3- Data entry

POS system from vROOT determines prices, calculates and extracts invoices with any additional fees such as discounts or taxes.

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4- Invoice submission

Invoices are submitted to the customer and the receiver of the order confirms the payment of the customer in the system.

5- Store update

POS system from vROOT updates stock level and reports stock status.

6- Follow up of the client

the system can also be linked to communication applications (WhatsApp or SMS). A message has been sent to the customer with thanks, order confirmation or promotional messages based on his needs.

Features of POS system vROOT

Fast sales operations and reduction of waiting times and delay receiving Significantly.

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Manage internal orders and discounts.

Knowing the deficit and the increase by filtering the cashier sales and the daily financial covenant and reviewing them with the actual sales.

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Follow up the volume of orders on each product category and make stock-out forecasts to help you make production or purchasing decisions.

Comprehensive and integrated follow-up of the movement of stores and the movement of products in the store.

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It reduces waste and helps identify real needs in the store.

Use now POS from vROOT

And manage your sales outlets professionally

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