The difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API

With the development of technology and the increase in the use of applications on mobile phones, social media has become more important in our daily lives, whether for personal or practical purposes. As is known, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging and social networking applications in the world. Among the versions of WhatsApp, there are “WhatsApp Business” and “WhatsApp API”, which differ from the traditional version of the application. In this article, we will review the difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API and what are the uses of each in business and commerce.

Definition of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API are business solutions used by organizations and businesses to communicate with customers and improve sales, customer service, and technical support processes. The WhatsApp Business API is a newer solution for managing and developing customer service, as it is based on providing distinct options for companies through short messages, instant chats, and links, and its application is still in its experimental stage in some countries around the world. On the other hand, WhatsApp Business relies on providing the basic services that individuals and institutions need in communicating with customers.

The main goal of each application

The main goal of WhatsApp Business is to provide a professional means of communication for the project owner with his clients. Where WhatsApp Business provides many distinctive features that help improve the relationship with customers, such as quick replies, ready messages, and automatic response. While the main goal of the WhatsApp API is to provide a means for institutions and commercial activities to communicate with customers professionally and through a dedicated platform that allows technical support and customer service programs to be easily linked with the WhatsApp application. Organizations can open software accounts via the WhatsApp API, which gives users access to more specialized features.

Features of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is the WhatsApp business application that includes some special features that suit the needs of organizations and commercial activities. Anyone who owns a business can download the WhatsApp Business application for free on their smartphone and use it to communicate with customers easily and smoothly, through the features of quick messages, voice messages, photos and videos. Among the important features of WhatsApp Business: the ability to manage basic chats and automatic messages, add your company information as a picture and description in the company profile, the ability to announce new products and offers, statistics and performance reports to track success in achieving sales and knowing customer response.

The WhatsApp Business API offers more advanced services for companies, who need extensive features to improve customer service and grow their business. It allows organizations to access WhatsApp cloud servers to send automatic and streamed messages directly to customers, maintain a unified and professional image of the company in official conversations, features statistics and performance reports to monitor interaction with customers, and other important features.

WhatsApp API features

WhatsApp API is a convenient and reliable business-to-business solution that improves communications between businesses and customers. The WhatsApp API provides many important features, such as the ability to use automated responses, track messages, and follow up on conversations with customers. In addition, the WhatsApp API provides useful tools to update status, sign the user, and ensure that messages are delivered, and this helps in improving the user experience and saving time and effort in the business process. The WhatsApp API can be used for various purposes such as communicating with customers, providing technical support, conducting sales, and activating notifications. In addition, data about conversations can be used to analyze activities and measure the impact of marketing campaigns on customers. WhatsApp API helps build a more trusting relationship with customers and better business development.

The difference in using WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API are different solutions for different purposes. In terms of personal use, regular WhatsApp allows individuals to communicate with each other and post photos, videos, stories, and text messages. On the other hand, WhatsApp Business provides the ability to use it for commercial purposes, and it is free and allows contacting customers via text messages and personal conversations. While the WhatsApp Business API provides additional services such as group sending of messages, entry and exit notifications, control of conversations on external devices, and more. The most accurate clarification is that regular WhatsApp is for personal use, WhatsApp Business is for commercial purposes, and WhatsApp Business API provides an API for companies to implement automation, control, and more.