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The first company to provide comprehensive, integrated and creative solutions in IT systems and software solutions through a team with extensive experiences and innovative ideas.

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Why vROOT?

Perfect solutions for all sectors

we have the ability to achieve innovative comprehensiveness in our clients’ systems in terms of IT and programming systems through a team that has extensive experience and creative ideas.

Our services

creative vROOT solutions


With an integrated team and wide experience, we analyze in detail the needs and growth prospects of the organization, identify weaknesses and calculate risks to determine the necessary tools (Network hardware/ Network software)

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call center

A complete system from vROOT through which the process of communicating with customers is managed in an interactive way by offering number of options and inquiries to your customers to facilitate communication processes with all the different departments of the company.

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Programming solutions

Professionally designed solutions and a team with wide experience to manage all your business easily and in detail, the system can implement and organize most of your work in a way that ensures raising the efficiency of the system and working in your organization.

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Technical support

High- quality technical support provided to you within 24 hours at the highest level of experience and ready to assist with all inquiries and complaints round- the- clock, as we provide you with seamless technical support quickly, however you want, whenever you want.

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Branch linking system from vROOT

Connect your branches and control all the operations that take place in one comprehensive system.

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vROOT solutions

erp system

ERP is an integrated system from vROOT to manage all your business.

Through the system, you can issue invoices, organize sales, manage warehouses, follow-up employees, and all project activities with a customizable system to suit your business needs. ERP is an integrated system from vROOT to manage all your business.
POS System

POS system from vROOT.

You can manage sales operations and transactions of your customers, calculate and know your daily, weekly and monthly sales and profits at any time, and issue invoices for transactions and items of purchases.
API System

Customer management system through WhatsApp from vROOT

API whatsapp
You can communicate with your customers through one number, whether in reception or sending, with operation on an infinite number of devices used by the work team.