What are the stages of project management?

Managing various projects requires many accurate studies to achieve apparent success, as management science in general is one of the most prominent sciences related to human life, as it aims to organize various administrative processes of different types and levels in order to achieve individual and collective interests.

What are the stages of project management?

A project is a series of activities carried out over a period of time to achieve a specific objective as it is a management function designed to lead any project in any area from inception to implementation. Any project, regardless of its nature and volume of activity, passes through a life cycle as follows:

Thinking about the project

This stage is where you create the idea for the project itself, and search through it for the priority of that idea.

Project planning

At this stage, the project turns from a specific idea to a plan that highlights its objectives, all activities and services, as well as the target groups and methods of use.

Monitoring resources

At this stage, in addition to defining the appointment and assigning responsibilities to individuals and work teams, the human and financial resources needed to implement the project are also identified.

Implementation of the project

The project is implemented and managed well, as well as ensuring that the project is going in the right direction as planned.

How to choose a project idea and share it?

Determining the need to realize multiple ideas can lead to confusion as you may not be able to identify the right idea to implement. To address this situation, it is necessary to prioritize your ideas and their level of importance. The following factors can be used in order to determine the right idea for the project:

1-Determining the extent to which the idea achieves the mission and objectives of the project.

2- Determine the degree of benefit from the implementation of the idea.

3- Determine the level of acceptance of the idea by the target audience.

4- Determine the expertise needed to implement the project.

5- Determine the availability of capabilities to implement the idea.

6- Determine the cost of implementing the idea.

After choosing the project idea, you must explain the idea by preparing it in a reference sheet for the idea and discussing it with the person who implements your project.

How do you plan your project?

This stage translates your project idea into a set of activities and goals that will be implemented, and implement your usual planning skills during this stage. It is important to link the project plan to its strategic plan because the project is part of the strategic plan, knowing that you can prepare a project plan based on the following elements:

Specify the name of the project

Name your project according to what you want to achieve and design a logo for it

Define project strategy

Defines the strategy that the project will successfully implement.

 Define project objectives

At this stage, you define the project goals you want to achieve, and they should lead to your project strategy.

Preparing and formulating objectives for various projects:

1- It must be specific.

2- Measurable.

3- It is feasible.

4- Realistic goals.

Project resource management

At this stage, in addition to allocating and preparing the necessary financial and material resources for your project, you must also prepare the human cadre that will perform the various tasks of the project, as follows:

First: human resources

Identify the main functions of the project including project managers, assistants and researchers, as well as accountants, secretaries etc., and you should strive to accurately appoint the right people for these positions.It also identifies the skills required for each job, as this helps in finding and hiring the right employees. It is also best to determine the skill level of the project staff and provide them with a wide range of skills and experience to improve their skills on the project. Then develop a functional system for your project, which includes the distribution of work and tasks to be performed among the employees specialized in that job.
You should achieve an effective system by making a list of the tasks that each employee on the project is expected to perform, this is called a job description, after assigning tasks to them based on their job description. You must determine the time and effort required to implement the various tasks and tasks entrusted to them, and thus you can set a specific schedule for the work assigned to employees that defines the tasks to be performed with time and effort in order to ensure the productivity and effectiveness of the employees.

Second: Financial Resources, Technology, Equipment Management

At this stage, the funds and equipment for the project are monitored, prepared and the funds that will be spent on the project during different stages are estimated. Determine the equipment your employees will need to work on the project and develop an estimated budget to help you secure the funds and technology needed to carry out the project.